5 Reasons to Take Up Boxing as a Hobby

If you are young, fit and able, you are the perfect candidate to take up the noble art of boxing, which is a contact sport that follows a set of rules created by the Marquess of Queensbury during the late 19th century. What many people do not know is that boxing teaches a lot more than the ability to punch and if you are looking for a new hobby, here are a few reasons to choose boxing.

  1. Self-defence – Boxing is all about not getting hit; indeed, defence is taught alongside attack and this could end up saving your life if you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want to take up boxing in Reading, there are several gyms where you can learn the art of self-defence.
  2. High level of fitness – Training demands a high level of fitness and stamina, which is acquired in a gradual process and don’t think that training isn’t fun, it most certainly is! Maybe you would train 3 times per week for 2 hours each session, with a variety of activities to strengthen and tone muscle, with movement being a key component.
  3. The social side – Once you experience the friendly ambience at the gym, you will quickly make friends; not everyone wants to compete, rather many people wish to get fit and learn how to block punches. You will make friends with like-minded people and who knows? It might lead to you becoming a pro boxer one day!
  4. Boost your self-confidence – When you are fit and train several times a week, this will elevate your self-esteem and have you walking on the soles of your feet, feeling alive. Once you get through the first month of training, you will begin to feel different and have elevated levels of energy. You will feel better about yourself, knowing that you can handle strenuous work out sessions and that will see a change that is noticeable by those around you.
  5. Challenge yourself – If you think that boxing training is a walk in the park, we have news for you! There will be fitness barriers that you have to overcome and that’s where you need to bite down on your gumshield and go that extra mile.

The best way forward is to pay your local boxing gym a visit in the early evening or at weekends, see for yourself what goes on and talk to one of the trainers.

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