Top 4 Dota 2 Heroes to Raise MMR in 2020 (April)

Are you going to use the “lockdown” period to raise MMR in Dota 2? Then, this article will be useful for you. By the way, if you feel confident about your Dota 2 knowledge, try monetizing your hobby at

And here are 4 best heroes to climb up the Dota 2 ladder in Spring 2020.


He may be a surprise for some players. Still, after the 7.25a patch release, this hero climbed up to the strongest meta heroes of Dota 2. In fact, his winrate was over 60% in top MMR categories. That’s an extremely high level, and Lycan is worth picking if you want to improve your MMR quickly and effectively.


Another hero we can’t omit in this top is Meepo. Of course, the biggest problem about him is the fact that he is a guy very hard to master due to micro-control requirements. Still, if you can do that, Meepo is a perfect instrument to raise MMR now.


Another mastery-requiring hero goes next. Many years ago, Visage used to appear frequently in pro and ranked games with the Drow Strat combo. The hero disappeared from the meta after some time, but in 7.25 he got buffed. Comeback is real, isn’t it?


Bane was the top pick years ago thanks to his great controlling abilities pinning opponents to the ground. Numbers say that the current meta is for this hero as well. He has over 55% winrate in the top MMR level, which makes Bane the fourth best pick to raise MMR in 2020.

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