Title: 4 Ways to Take Care of Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

Our furry friends are more than just dog’s, they are a part of the family. When you bring them out on walks in the park, you want them to look their best. They should be marching along with a smile on their face as their shiny coat glows in the sun. To ensure your dog looks their best, you must take good care of their skin and coat by keeping them clean and feeding them good quality food.

  1. Lots of Water

Keeping your skin hydrated is just as important to humans as it is for dogs, that’s why you should always ensure they have access to clean drinking water. Water provides nourishment for your dog’s skin and hair, without enough of it, they’ll start to have problems. On average, a dog should drink about one ounce of water per pound of their bodyweight a day. To avoid pet’s skin problems, you must refill their bowl every time you see it empty.

  1. Create a Stress-free Environment

Dog’s react in the same way to stress as humans do, it affects their entire body, putting pressure on organs such as their skin. Your home must be a place where your dog can relax in a clean, safe environment. It shouldn’t be a home for parasites or any other insects. You must keep their sleeping area and bedding clean. In addition, make sure you vacuum your home to eliminate creatures such as dust mite.

Your home isn’t the only place you should keep clean, your garden and the dog’s kennel should be kept immaculate to eliminate any parasites.

  1. Regular Grooming

If your pet is undergroomed, skin conditions will start to emerge. If you take good care of their coat and skin, they are far less likely to have any problems. A dog which is well-groomed won’t engage in any mindless scratching, this stops them getting hot spots or lesions on their skin.

Here are some tips on how to groom your dog:

  • Bathe your dog every one to three weeks – depending on weather, activity levels etc.
  • Use an approved doggy shampoo.
  • Use an appropriate brush for grooming.
  • Don’t spray water directly into their ears, eyes or mouth.
  • Rinse off the shampoo & check their ears.

  1. Trips to the Local Vet

Visiting the vet regularly is vitally important for your dog’s health. If you notice any issues with their skin or hair, you should book an appointment immediately. Frequent visits to the vet can be expensive, so it is sensible to take out pet insurance for peace of mind. If you find something more serious on one of your visits, having cover is a life saver.

Our pets our part of our family, and we do our best to take good care of them. Looking after your dog’s coat and skin isn’t that difficult. If you are serious about keeping them healthy, make a list of things to do and follow each of them to safeguard your dog. To ensure peace of mind, think about pet insurance for your furry friend.

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