The Complete Guide to Buying Wedding Bands

Betrothed couples always fixate on engagement rings, but wedding bands need a share of the spotlight too. These are an important symbol of your love to be exchanged during your wedding ceremony. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the perfect wedding bands for you and your spouse-to-be.

What is a wedding band? 

Wedding bands are rings that are exchanged by two partners during their wedding ceremony. They’re more straightforward in design compared to engagement rings since they’re intended for everyday use.

What is it made of?

Wedding bands are usually made out of precious metal that can be altered to fit the wearer’s preferences. You can buy your wedding bands as-is, or you could opt for personalized or custom jewelry that’s engraved, etched, or bedazzled with gems, diamonds, or a mix of different metals.

The following are the most common choices for wedding band metals:

Rose gold. Rose gold is made out of a blend of pure 24-karat yellow gold, silver, and copper, which gives it its signature blush pink hue. This type of metal is more durable than white or yellow gold since it’s infused with copper. However, it’s not hypoallergenic.

Yellow gold. Yellow gold is perhaps the most common choice for most couples because of its simple yet classic look. It requires regular upkeep and cleaning to keep its luster and shine, but it’s quite sturdy. This metal is hypoallergenic.

White gold. White gold is the second most popular choice for both wedding bands and engagement rings because of its timeless appearance. It’s an incredibly durable and scratch-resistant material just like platinum, but it’s usually a little more affordable.

Platinum. Platinum is a slightly more long-lasting and heavy-duty material compared to white gold. This type of metal is ideal for those who often work with their hands. This is one of the more expensive materials, but also one of the most durable ones.

How much does it cost?

On average, most couples spend around $1000 to $3500 on a set of wedding bands for both the bride and groom, depending on the material and style of the ring. Etching and engraving can set you back between $10 to $30 per character, while adding in gems and diamonds could cost upwards of $200 to $500 per piece.

Who should buy the wedding bands? When should you buy the wedding bands?

Typically, the bride and groom buy each other’s wedding bands separately. But most modern couples are also choosing to buy them together so that they need to only make one trip to easily find the right style and size. It’s ultimately up to you and your partner’s preferences. The earlier you start shopping for your wedding band, the better. This gives you more time to alter your wedding band to your heart’s content before the big day.

How do you maintain the wedding bands?

Stop by your local jeweler at least once every year to have the rings polished, cleaned, and refinished. You should go more often — maybe twice a year — if the bands are adorned with gems, stones, and diamonds, to make sure they don’t fall out. Don’t forget to remove rings when doing any strenuous activities such as cleaning, cooking, or working out.

Your engagement rings will be stored away once you and your spouse are officially married, but wedding bands are worn forever. This is why it’s important to take the time to choose bands that are comfortable, durable, and timeless.

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