Must-Have Vacation Rental Amenities: The Ultimate Checklist

The past years have shown that vacation rental units have become increasingly popular thanks to several vacation rental sites and apps such as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway.

The industry has predicted that the number of users will increase to 38.4 million by 2023. More than half of these millions are millennials. These numbers come as no surprise since this generation is known for its penchant for a nomadic lifestyle.

The increased popularity of vacation home rentals over hotels and resorts, particularly among millennials, is mainly since this type of accommodation offers them a chance to experience the local culture and not feel like a tourist.

Millennials are all about making unforgettable, unique memories which isolated hotel rooms cannot provide.

As a vacation rental owner, you realize the need to up your game to stand out among several competitors in the industry. You need to understand precisely the psyche of your renters.

According to a survey commissioned by Airbnb, the majority of US vacationers claimed that amenities have an impact on their travel experience.

Read on for the ultimate list of the most sought-after amenities of vacationers. This will guide you in making your rental units unique and more distinctive among the rest, meanwhile allowing you to increase your rental price potentially.

Round the Clock Check-In

Everything nowadays is preferably fast and convenient. Checking in is no exception. The rigid criteria of some vacation rentals in their check-in procedure won’t cut for millennial vacationers. Having a 24-hour check-in may seem like a lot of work, but that is not necessarily the case.

You may opt for flexible staffing hours or have an automated check-in system installed, such as lockbox or keyless entry. Whatever method you may choose to provide a 24-hour check-in, it will surely make a great first impression on your renters.

High-Speed Wifi

Unless your whole marketing angle is disconnecting from the rest of the world, a fast and convenient high-speed internet is a must for every vacation rental unit. It is the number one amenity guests are expecting in vacation rentals. But if you do not offer such, it is best to mention it beforehand explicitly.

Smart HDTV 

Though most guests rarely use television, having access to smart HDTV is a plus. Millennial vacationers love smart televisions that give them access to different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Surround Sound System

Complement your smart HDTV with a surround sound system or some high-quality speakers for your guests to enjoy. You can up your game with installing smart speakers that allow them to select tunes and control the volume from their phones in every room of the unit.

Full Kitchen With Custom-Stocked Fridge

A fully equipped, open layout kitchen is one of the features that most vacationers put into consideration when deciding to rent out a property.

Millennial guests who usually travel in groups want a kitchen design that allows them to socialize while cooking their meals. Having your rental unit kitchen renovated might sound costly, but hiring a general contractor is a good investment in the long run.

Apart from that, stock up your kitchen with a good supply of utensils, modern kitchen appliances, cookwares of all varieties, and an assortment of spices. You can even go extra by contacting your guests in advance and asking them for any special supplies they like to have. Doing this is extremely helpful for those vacationers who have certain dietary requirements.

Reliable and Well-Maintained HVAC System

The second most valued amenity for vacation renters is a reliable and well-maintained HVAC System. Your guests want to be comfortable. No matter how Instagram-worthy your property might look, but if they have to sleep shivering under the sheets or sweating their brains out, chances are you will get a bad review and no-repeat customer.

You can go further by installing smart heating technologies. It will allow your guests to control the unit’s temperature according to their liking.

Electrical Outlets, Adapters, and Chargers

Most guests in vacation rental houses are digital nomads. This means they travel for work and leisure. With a number of gadgets at hand, having several electrical outlets, universal adapters, and chargers makes their stay at your property convenient and hassle-free.

Outdoor Furniture

Most guests want to rent out a unit that has an open space. If your property has that, furnish it with some chairs, table, hammock, and outdoor couch. You can even provide a couple of bicycles for your renters to use around while exploring the area.

Other Amenities

Apart from those top-most sought-after amenities guests are looking for in a vacation rental, these are some additional items that will help your property shine from the rest.

  1. Private Pool
  2. Free Parking Space
  3. Pet-Friendly Necessities
  4. Family-Friendly Games
  5. Local Maps and Guidebooks
  6. Complimentary Personal Care Kit and Toiletries
  7. Premium Quality Linens and Plumped-up Pillows
  8. Washer and Dryer
  9. Iron and Ironing Board
  10. Outdoor Grill Equipment

Though every guest is different, you need to check on market trends and first-hand guest accounts of what facilities, amenities, and aspects they want. This will help you invest your money wisely and make a property listing that is in accord with the likes of a greater number of audience.

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