How to Keep Moving Company Hire Expenses Low

You’re moving soon. But you’ve decided you don’t want to do the moving, packing, loading and unloading all by yourself. You’d rather leave the most of it to a professional. Yet, you want to keep the costs low. How do you find cheap moving companies in Toronto? How do you make the most of their services? Let’s find out.

Do your research

Firstly, find a few reputed moving companies, and ask people around you for feedback regarding their services. There are many cheap movers in Toronto, but it’s easy to be scammed. Make sure you research well about the company before you decide on choosing the services of one. If you face a problem, you would want to know where and whom to contact, so make sure their contact numbers and addresses are valid.

Plan and discuss

Without proper planning, a move can cost much more than you initially thought. When you speak to one of the cheap moving companies in Toronto, talk to them and discuss everything that is or isn’t included in their costs. What kind of trucks would they use, what are their insurance plans like, do they provide hourly rates (if yes, what all is included), do they charge depending on what floor you are moving in or out of, are there any extra costs that you need to be aware of – make sure you have answers to all of these before you settle on a mover.

Do the packing yourself

If you’re trying to keep the moving expenses low, you could choose to do the packing by yourself. Once you’re done with the packing, hire cheap moving services in Toronto, only for loading the boxes into their trucks, transporting them to the new destination and unloading your belongings there. When you do the packing, you have the advantage of making sure each item is wrapped securely, rather than nervously hovering over the shoulders of the movers. You also have the advantage of selecting the right kind of wrapping for each piece of furniture. But many cheap moving companies in Toronto include free packaging material in their overall costs, even if you use them only for the actual moving.

Keep time

This one’s really important, especially if you’re packing and they’re moving. Most cheap movers in Toronto offer their services on an hourly basis. They charge an hourly rate from the time their vehicles leave the office premises and complete the job on-hand until they return back. If you really want to save that extra buck, you must ensure all your boxes packed and ready for them to load into the trucks. Also, when planning the move, it’s also a great idea to assess distance and traffic to the new location, so that your estimate doesn’t get thrown off.


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