Casino games are games which are played in the casino. Players play in both physical and online casinos. Online casinos, however, increased the number of players of casino games by offering higher odds and hugged bonuses that attract players, both existing and new.

Players are able to place bets in their games online through the internet. There are lots of casino games made available to players at online casinos. The variety of games hosted by online casinos can not be beaten by the physical casinos. This is because online casinos are able to entertain lots of games due to low maintenance costs and zero physical space used up. Physical space and high cost of maintenance pose a restricting barrier to housing a large variety of games at physical casinos. Examples of online casino games include blackjack, poker, บาคาร่า, pachinko, roulette, slot machines etc.

The different games at the casino are fun and engaging games. They are prominently played because of the gambling benefit attached to them. The possibility of winning a prize attracts lots of players in to test their lucks and strategic skills in the games. Online casinos add extra sauce by increasing the bonuses attached to these games. Bonuses such as welcome bonuses for new players; refund bonus for loses; referral bonus; deposit bonus on deposits made by players. Comp points are also given which could be exchanged for cash prizes, tickets and gifts.

Red & white

This is a game where three balls are dropped into a grid of three colors. This game started in the streets of Philippines but is now a game played at large resorts. Bets are placed on the color in which balls land which could either be red, white or yellow squares on the grid. The squares are mostly a 10 ×10 grid of squares. 49 squares are red and white each while the remaining 2 are colored yellow. A live dealer announces the squares in which the balls land to players.

Head & Tail

This is basically a coin flipping game of 50/50 percent chance of getting a head or a tail one each flip or toss of the coin. Bets are made on the side the coin is very likely to land on. Bets on the side the coin that lands win the bet. A random generator is used in the online game (absolute virtual version) to determine what side of the coin would land. However, for the live dealer version, a live dealer announces the side the coin lands on to the players mostly through a live chat feature.

Big six wheel

This is a wheel game similar to roulette but the rate of winning is low as it is an unbalanced game of chance. The wheel is usually separated into numbered parts with the use of pins or spokes. There are different variations to this game. The details on the wheel might differ based on the variant. The joker and logo of the casino pay higher than other segments on the wheel.


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