Find Reliable Sourcing Solutions, While Importing Mobile Phone Accessories from China

Today, China has emerged as a major hub for mobile phones as well as all the required accessories used on this popular gadget. Mobile phones are nowadays a must-have and you will lose your identity if you do not have a mobile phone with you.

Because of the high quality of mobile phones and their accessories, Chinese mobile phones, and accessories have become quite popular in the market. China is a highly populated country, hence the cost of labour in this country is unbelievably low. As a result, prices of these items are very low.

Therefore, most businesses who are dealing with such products prefer to have certain reliable sourcing solutions so that they easily can import them and develop a certain reliable solution.

What are the different types of mobile accessories imported from China?

The following are a few popular mobile phone accessories that are generally sourced from China.

  1. Cases and covers

These accessories are very important to protect your expensive mobile phones and most buyers prefer to buy them immediately after buying their mobile phones.

  1. Screen protector

This is a transparent sheet that is generally pasted over the screen of your mobile phone. This will enable you to see your mobile screen and at the same time protect it from scratches or any other damage.

  1. Mobile charger

Every mobile phone needs a charger that is meant for charging the battery of your mobile phone. This is used by every mobile user at least once in day.

  1. Phone holder

This can be used either in your car or on your table so that you can hold your mobile and at the same time you can view the screen comfortably while working or driving your car.

The following are a few reliable sourcing solutions to import these accessories from China.

  1. Choose verified suppliers

You must identify a few good suppliers that have got a good track record and offer quality products. Try to go only for those suppliers who have got better customer reviews and ratings.

  1. Perform an audit on suppliers

It is necessary to audit your supplier from time to time so that you can ensure consistency in their supply quality. You may either visit or use any third-party source to perform such auditing.

  1. Evaluate a sample

Always before selecting a new vendor, you must get a few samples and get them evaluated at your end so that they can function well in your country. Never place an order without proper evaluation.

  1. Maintain a clear communication

While looking for reliable sourcing solutions for these mobile accessories, it is necessary that you must have clear communication with your vendor so that he fully understands your requirements.

  1. Look for product certification

It is necessary that the products that you select have certain certifications that you can rely upon. For example, the following are a few certifications that are needed in certain regions:

  • CE
  • FCC
  1. Quality control inspection

In addition to third-party inspection at the supplier’s end, you must also have a certain incoming inspection procedure in place so that you can eliminate the rejected items from the stock.

Any poor-quality item can dent your reputation on the market.

  1. Develop a secure method of payment

Last but not least, you must choose a secure method of payment, which will be in the interest of both you as well as your supplier in China.


While importing mobile phone accessories, it is always important to evaluate your sources in China very carefully. We have discussed a few measures in this post and by following them you can develop certain reliable sourcing solutions to import these items.

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