Best Beaches to Drive to in Scotland

Scotland is home to unique and breath-taking attractions such as castles, beaches, lochs, and underground wonders. Often, a busy lifestyle that revolves around the workplace can make us do the same things each year for our holidays. In doing this, we miss the opportunities to explore other amazing destinations available. A great place to consider visiting is Scotland. If you’ve recently thought about living on wheels or would like to have your own luxurious motorhome, this country has a lot in store for you. Some of the scenic places you can wake up to are the following:

St Ninian’s Tombolo

Often, photographs of this tombolo grace promotional materials about Shetland. St Ninian’s Tomobolo’s pristine sands and vivid blue waters are no also attractive to beach-goers. Make sure you make time to drive your way to this – one of Scotland’s most beautiful beaches. Owning a motorhome will give you the opportunity to spend time on the beach without spending a lot on hotel accommodation. Make sure you purchase the best mobile accommodation for your needs by choosing from the finest motor homes for sale Scotland.

Sandwood Bay

Visitors find this hidden bay a bit tricky to get to, but the effort is well compensated by the beach’s beauty. Hiking to Sandwood Bay, you will find a mile and a half of vibrant golden sand unfurling in front of you. This natural wonder faces the North Atlantic and sees a portion of Am Buachaille in its south. Behind the bay is Sandwood Loch, a freshwater loch rich in brown trout. If you are lucky, in certain times of the year, you can sometimes have this beautiful bay all to yourself!

Sandalwood Bay has gained a reputation all of its own, being dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Britain. Being part of the Sandwood Estate, this bay is run by the John Muir trust. This wild and spectacular bay from Kinlochbervie is backed by massive dunes and a loch, making it one of the most exciting and unspoilt attractions in the United Kingdom.

Smoo Cave

This fascinating attraction is a combination of sea cave and freshwater cave in Durness, situated at the limestone cliffs of Sutherland in Highland, Scotland. This is easily Britain’s biggest sea cave, a truly unforgettable sight to behold. With underground pools and local legends, tourists and locals alike flock to this cave for a uniquely marvellous experience. The cave’s name, which is of Norse origin means “hiding place.” This cave can be explored by boat or through the set path from the car park on the cliffs. The entrance to this gigantic cave is approximately 50 ft high and 130 ft wide. The actions of the sea formed this uniquely large opening. Today, this cave has a car park, toilets, stairs, and walkways for easier access. Around 40,000 visitors get amazed by this outstanding destination, annually. Make sure you add this one-of-a-kind experience to your bucket list!

Scotland’s beaches remain unexploited until today. Let the Scottish waters put your mind at ease. An oil-painted sky above you, fine sand beneath your feet, calming waves, and peace within– what’s there not to like?


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