Прогнозы на футбол: что учитывают при их написании?

If a person decides to make a bet in one of the bookmakers, then he should try to minimize the risk. To do this, it is worth examining the maximum amount of data related to the upcoming event. Pronostici calcio domani can be used as a source of information . Based on the recommendations of forecasters, it is much easier to develop your own opinion. In addition, you need to understand what factors are given special attention in forecasting. They should also be guided by when making a bet.

Pre-match analysis

Novice players often make a mistake: they are guided by the level of popularity of the team or the number of famous players in the squad. This moment has a minimal impact on victory. For complex analytics, you need to take into account a lot of factors.

An important factor is the motivation to climb to the top lines of the standings. The team does not always strive to win; quite often such moods are observed precisely at the end of the season. Suppose that in the standings, which has 16 lines, the club is approximately in 8-10th place. He will definitely stay in the game in this league, but will not play in the European competition. Thus, players and teams may have a significant drop in motivation.

The motivational factor applies equally to championship favorites and outsiders. For example, if a team is ahead and has a good lead, then it can “burn out”, believe in the stability of its results and lose to a club that is much weaker, but has an incredible interest in winning. If we talk about outsiders, then a team that lost at the beginning of the season can quickly lose confidence in their abilities, or vice versa – get together and do everything possible to rise at least a few positions.

Level and significance of the match

When analyzing, you need to study all tournaments in which teams participate. The importance of football matches is not the same. Let’s say the Champions League will be ranked higher than the National Cup each time. If the games go in the opposite order, then the coach can release young guys on the field to give the leaders an opportunity to accumulate strength and perform brilliantly in the European championship.

At the same time, the athletes themselves often behave in different ways, participating in events of different levels. For example, if the same squad is to play in both the national and European championships in one week, then the players in the “home” league are likely to maintain a moderate pace.

Study of the composition

The performance of each player individually and the team as a whole is very important for pre-match analytics. The main parameters for predicting a match are:

  1. The time each footballer spent in the game – if there is a stable “base”, it is necessary for it to play in the match with the selected rate.
  2. Send-offs and Injuries – The team becomes weaker and less motivated when the leaders are not in the game.
  3. Changes in the squad – the transfer of players from one team to another occurs in the transfer window. It happens that a bettor, placing a bet on an international large-scale event in advance, counts on the performance of a certain player, and that player is no longer a member of the club by the beginning of the season.
  4. Data on starting lineups and applications – when the defense is weakened, but the attack is incredibly powerful, you need to think about the bets on goals, totals, individual indicators of the players.
  5. Team performance in recent matches – 5-10 recent events are taken for analysis. On their basis, certain patterns can be identified, which can also affect the upcoming meeting.
  6. The state of affairs within the team – all sorts of conflicts can greatly affect the coherence of the athletes’ game. You can assess this factor by looking at the news bulletin.
  7. The presence of an interest in winning against a particular club – there are teams that are in constant rivalry. To understand whether one of the rival clubs wants to take revenge, you need to look at the reviews of previous meetings.

Verified information can be found on the teams’ official websites and sports resources. It is important to take into account all the key points so that the bet made is more likely to play. This is what professional bettors do. They spend most of their time analyzing the factors of success.

Those who want to save their time can use ready-made forecasts. The experts of the Scores24 portal share their proposals based on a complete and accurate analysis. A day before the start of the match, publications with predictions appear on the site, which will help to make the right decision. It is important to understand that none of the cuppers gives a 100% guarantee, because there are situations that can completely change the course of the game. Therefore, you should carefully consider all possible options, and choose the optimal rate based on the data received.

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